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Ayat AlBqoor
Web developer | Nafith Logistics International,Jordan

Thanks for your amazing programming tutorial channel! Your teaching style is outstanding, and the quality of your tutorials is top-notch. Your ability to break down complex topics into manageable parts, and cover diverse programming languages and topics is truly impressive. The practical applications and real-world examples you incorporate reinforce the theoretical knowledge and provide valuable insights!

Imen Lakrib
Full stack web developer | Algeria

Your content is very special. The thing I liked the most is that the videos are so long, which means they cover everything in details. for that any person had beginner-level can complete an integrated project when he watches the videos. Thank you very much. Im very excited for the next videos Keep doing this amazing work

Achmad Syihabul Millah
Junior Web Developer | Indonesia

Join Becodemy! Becodemy focuses on practical applications rather than just teaching the theory behind programming languages or frameworks. I took a lesson on creating a web marketplace using React JS, and it was very helpful in teaching me the different stages involved in creating a project from start to finish. Overall, I highly recommend Becodemy to anyone looking to improve their programming skills and build practical projects. Becodemy is a great resource that will help you take your skills to the next level.

Eshan Ahmed Ahad
Founder & CEO | Hablu Programmer, Bangladesh

Shahriar is truly an exceptional programmer. He has an amazing knack for solving website bugs, and his problem-solving skills are outstanding. Moreover, his YouTube content is always top-notch. I highly recommend supporting the Becodemy community!

Rüveyda Dal
Full stack web developer | Turkey

I value your dedication, expertise, and excitement for teaching programming.Becodemy offers instruction in more than simply programming language and framework theory.The website offers a plethora of additional tech-related courses, but the one I chose really pleased me with its cost and caliber. Becodemy’s extensive course selection and excellent faculty make it the perfect place to expand your knowledge and skills in the technology industry.

Saidi Daudi
Computer systems engineering student | Zimbabwe

BECODEMY does a good job of explaining the concepts in a clear and concise way, and the examples are well-chosen. Overall, this is a valuable resource for anyone who is new to programming

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